22 27th Avenue SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414


A community for art lovers

In the last few years, top hotels worldwide have started installing original art in their spaces. We have joined this trend at our residential properties, and notably at 22 On The River: art can tell an interesting story about the building and the city that surrounds it, and art makes living in that building more pleasant.

The many pieces of art that grace the common areas and the hallways at 22 On The River make the place that you call home unique and memorable. As you are on the way to your front door, you will enjoy seeing paintings and artworks that could be seen in a public gallery. And because the artwork is installed in a residential setting, rather than in a gallery space, you can look at it in an informal, new way.

Almost all of the artwork at 22 On The River is by American artists, or inspired by the Minnesota landscape and agricultural history. Numerous pieces are from the many local painters and sculptors which make the Twin Cities the home of a vibrant art community.

The works displayed in the hallways are exchanged periodically, to ensure that you over time will enjoy new art landscapes.

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